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New work – Assignable reminders


Jordan A. Smith is a product designer in San Francisco. They bring a quick-wit and inquisitive spirit into exploration, research, design, and collaboration


Designing user experiences for Google Maps


Designing multimodal E2E experiences in the Productivity & Personalization spaces across many surfaces for the Google Assistant

Designing Assignable reminders – a new communication tool for the family

Khan Academy

Utilizing live experiment insights to inform updates for onboarding as a part of the independent learners team


Building an atomic e-commerce solution

Ladies' night

In 2014, Jordan cofounded an intersectional event series for womxn in Portland, OR. Until 2017, they led a volunteer creative team for twelve sold-out events

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Early career

Designing digital products for brands with interactive agencies, like Elephant, Instrument, and BBDO Proximity


Art directing and designing the launch of Android Wear, TV & Auto

Designing for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides