As Google embarked on their Material Design journey, I was excited to experiment as Android launched Wear, TV, Auto, One, and Lollipop.

I acted as a UX designer, designer, illustrator, and art director on for about ten months while at Instrument.

Photography by Rennie Solis.

It was important to show Android Wear, TV, and Auto in context—show why you'd find a smart product useful versus listing a series of features.

All the information in the UI related to a story told through photography. Android Wear connected a group of friends getting together to go to a concert.

And where would a group of friends be without the power of Android, Google Maps, and music apps on a road trip.

Android TV was a family coming together through their television.

Material Design wasn't merely talked about, but demonstrated in the UI.

I even managed to work in my illustration style to assist in the demonstration of these new products. Good dog!


We worked hard to enlist the modeling talents of real friend groups, families, and musicians to capture authentic-feeling moments and make these devices feel more relatable.