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Portland, OR

Jordan A. Smith is a freelance designer in Portland, OR.


A collection of projects and extracurricular activities I partake in.


Jordan Smith

Social media is not a science. You can spend resources—time and money—plotting out content and a calendar for said content in an effort to get your idea to spread. Your cause can be worthy, your hashtag catchy and your community manager sincere, helpful and quick-witted. Sure your biggest fans will always play if they're not away from a screen, but it's hard to get those outside of your social network to bite…

And sometimes the reverse happens while you're blowing your nose in the bathroom at work (I waited until I washed my hands and returned to my desk to tweet):

And then my go-to for all #indieband hashtag games:

The only person on earth who finds me funny, boyfriend Sanden Totten (@sandentotten), saw my tweet and decided to humor me:

So we played back and forth for awhile.

Sanden works on The Madeleine Brand Show (@TMBShow), where John Moe of MPR (@johnmoe) is a frequent contributor. He saw Sanden's tweet and decided to participate:

John Moe has a gift for twitter. He is a talent who selflessly engages with almost everyone who reaches out to him. He is well-known in the local twitter hashtag circuit (it's a thing) and I knew instantly that we would get a ton of John's loyal Minnesotan followers to participate.

What? And soon the brilliance came pouring in. Flugazi. The Diabeatles. Beirut Canal. Sneezer. IV on the Radio. Death Cab for UTI. The Rolling Chrons. Cold Sore Kids. Death from Ebola 1979. 30 Seconds to SARS. Broken Social Spleen. Andrew Bird Flu. Though, not everyone understood:

But that was an even bigger part of the entertainment.

I was flattered when I saw the producer of Modern Family wrote one:

Even more so when a producer of LOST wrote a slew (including this one, retweeted by They Might Be Giants):

And with over 36 hours passing from the first tweet, a few still drip through the filter. Here are the some fun-ruining statistics from our twitter hashtag game:

Impressive, nonetheless, from an idea constructed during a trip to the bathroom. I gained a walloping four followers and around thirty personal retweets. My website only received six hits directed from my twitter account during the hashtag's life span. My personal gain from the actual hashtag will be less than a tenth his blog post about it will probably generate alone. BUT—and a huge BUT—no one gave me a creative brief and a metrics goal when I had to blow my nose yesterday. So…

Did you participate? Did I leave out the best one you saw? Please share in the comments!