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Portland, OR

Jordan A. Smith is a freelance designer in Portland, OR.


A collection of projects and extracurricular activities I partake in.

bark at art, a.k.a. hot dog

Jordan Smith

This summer is what future historians may refer to as my Thought-Living-In-An-Old-House-In-Uptown-Was-Cute Period, ya know, in that gorgeous war-era apartment on Grand with all hardwood floors, a butter yellow kitchen and no air conditioning. The only way to spend a heat wave like this, in an apartment like this, is sweaty and technically unproductive. And despite averaging 50 hour work weeks since May, Jared A. May and I decided we would take on this:

Okay, so it's not really a surprise that I would want to do this poster show. I'm a proud owner of two miniature dachshunds. See this adorable photo taken this weekend (while we were enjoying air conditioning):

In the last five years, I've made a conscious decision to be aware of how my actions affect others, animals and our environment. Part of that was to ensure that I adopted pets in need. Arlie (the red in the back) came into my possession through a family who realized too late that they could not take care of him. Etta (the black-and-tan dapple doe-eyes in front) was a puppy mill victim saved by the wonderful Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue. Considering my experiences, it wasn't hard to volunteer to help an organization like The Pet Project with Bark at Art (100% of door donations and 80% of poster sales will benefit them):

The Pet Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to provide pet food and basic supplies to pets whose owners are struggling financially. The Pet Project also provides connections to basic veterinary care and provides information on finding pet-friendly housing. For more information on The Pet Project please visit thepetprojectmn.org.

I can't imagine being unable to afford my personal mascots. And despite this heat, I've spent a great deal of the last week in front of a cheap oscillating fan and iMac trying to perfect the face of our project.


Our concept isn't ready yet, but we're both energetic about the possibilities. The talented Erik Hamline has agreed to print with us again. We hope to raise a lot of money to help people in need keep the pets they need.