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Portland, OR

Jordan A. Smith is a freelance designer in Portland, OR.


A collection of projects and extracurricular activities I partake in.

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Jordan Smith

In an industry that gets rather up in arms when they see their idea replicated elsewhere, I have to admit, I was simply ecstatic when I found one of mine on YouTube today:

For reference of our thief's inspiration, see Charlie's Mutation Maker.

I jest about the thievery, because when I looked into codblackopssexykills (I had a more embarrassing AOL screen name when I was 11) profile, I found this:

About Me:
i ma an 11 year old kid hoping to get at least as popular as hurricane Aubrey but i know that's not happening peace

I saw What's Up Warthog's Charlie. A little more liberal with the gunshot sound effects than I'm comfortable with, but a kid with a quirky sense of humor and an interest in sharing it with the world. I feel so honored he was inspired by our series of videos that he attempted to figure out how we did it. When we won the opportunity to work with Dolphin Entertainment on tween programming, our original goal was to inspire kids to create their own content in the spirit of What's Up Warthogs. And today, I'm proud we got at least one.