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Portland, OR

Jordan A. Smith is a freelance designer in Portland, OR.


A collection of projects and extracurricular activities I partake in.


Jordan Smith

Ever since that season of Real World where the seven strangers were sent to a warehouse in Austin, Texas, I have dreamt of SXSW (and feared becoming Rachel). And for three years, I've walked into my creative director's office, promotional materials in hand, and slyly mentioned how cool it would be to go to, ya know, bring back the next Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare.

The interactive conference gods were not working in my favor.

Back in September, I tried again. He said he would try to get us both there. There was only silence until two weeks ago. He came back with a plan. So our team built a website. A broadcast configuration. A robot and an infographic:

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So get ready kids! Tweet at the @Proxybot and tell us why you should be in control in Austin, TX during SXSWi. Twenty tweeters will get to guide the Proxybot around the conference. It'll go where you want it to go, see what you want to see and do whatever you want as long as it is legal in the state of Texas. All will be live streamed on our website FollowProxybot.com.

Phase one of FollowProxybot.com launched on Friday and this Thursday, I make my journey to Austin to help escort the Proxybot in its daily duties. Check back from March 9th – 13th to watch the live stream. In a lot of ways, it's like I am a part of that sixteenth season Real World cast. Bringing the SXSW experience to the masses from the comfort of their hipsterless homes.