Designed by myself, Sarah Cespedes, and Tera Hatfield, the Lady Sack was created as a fundraising effort for Ladies' Night. 

Lovingly screenprinted by the manbassadors at Misplaced Screenprinting. And yes, this is available for purchase.


Jared A. May and I partnered together to create a poster for Toys in the Attic, a poster show to raise money for Toys for Tots.

We found inspiration in the See 'n Say and decided to dedicate a version for the lesser vocal animals in the world.

2 Color Screenprint on 80 lb. Blue Butcher French Paper, 12" x 12", Screenprinted by Steady Print Co.


Inspired by long Minnesotan winters, my 2013 Artcrank poster was an ode to the winter bike. 

I reappropriated a favorite Kerouac quote to the connection a cyclist has with the season.

3 Color Screenprint on 100 lb. Starch White Speckletone French Paper, 10" x 26", Screenprinted by Steady Print Co.


To celebrate the union of Jake Nyberg and Tess Haun, I joyfully designed wedding stationary for one of Minneapolis' most memed couples. 

I wished to honor the elegance of the ceremony yet set appropriate jubilance for the reception. And yes, I created that ampersand.

Screenprinted by Steady Print Co.