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Portland, OR

Jordan A. Smith is a freelance designer in Portland, OR.





It was a privilege to update Specialized.com to exhibit the artistry and passion behind making the most scientifically-advanced bicycles. The realm of this project went beyond updating the appearance and into connecting content to product, optimization for mobile, and rethinking how an expert brand attracts the novice.



It's not every day Material Design is released. And the task of introducing it across all Android platforms was placed in my hands. In addition to bringing the new design philosophy across Android.com, I was tasked with strategizing, illustrating, and art directing.


To build excitement for the launch of Android's new line of wearables, televisions, and automated automobiles, we set to shoot them in action. We enlisted models, who were friends and family in real life and shot on location with a real band, real food fights, and a real road trip.

Photography by Rennie Solis.


Google Docs Sheets & Slides

Google needed help telling the story behind their productivity apps: Docs Sheets & Slides. Utilizing photography, illustration, and some fun using the apps themselves, we made a marketing site that easily translates across every language and device.


NSFButts for Blinks

Apple announced a lot of additions to iMessage for iOS 10, including stickers. Approached by Blinks, I quickly got to work creating a set of stickers worthy of the aforementioned functionality: butts. Download Blinks and start sending butts today.


Upswell Website

While at Upswell, I assisted in reinventing the studio's brand. Inspired by the company's work tinkering with hardware, projections, and screens, I updated the color palette to the intersection of RGB. Glitches and overlapping items celebrate the company's foundation in prototyping.


Upswell Icons

As Design Lead for Upswell, I developed a system of icons for internal and client presentations to illustrate our internal culture and gestures used across a multitude of touch screen devices we create experiences for.


DECA, Inc.

DECA, Inc., a Portland architecture firm, needed a modern, responsive website to represent their sustainable and integrated process, inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Working directly with the client, I developed color-coded wireframes to assist with the feedback process. Being one-on-one with the people who would be directly using the CMS and managing the content, design considerations were made to take their constraints and turn them into strengths. This partnership lead to a sleek product.


Ladies' Night

Ladies' Night is a quarterly happy hour for the digitally inclined women of Portland, OR. Created and organized by myself, Stefanie Hatcher, Colleen Purdy, Mary Blalock, and Ginger Craft, we have provided sold out networking events over the last year. I take great pride in managing the visual branding and promotion of the event.


Lady Sacks

Designed by myself, Sarah Cespedes, and Tera Hatfield, the Lady Sack was created as a fundraising effort for Ladies' Night.

Screenprinted by Misplaced Screenprinting


Ladies' Night Social Illustrations

A set of illustrations to adorn the social media content of Ladies' Night on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Land O'Lakes' Pin A Meal. Give A Meal.

Land O’Lakes partnered with Feeding America to help the millions of Americans who go to bed hungry every night. We created Pin a Meal. Give a Meal., a Pinterest-centered movement, to make it easy to fight hunger by simply pinning a recipe. For each pin or repin, eight meals were donated to the cause. This campaign was perfect for busy moms because it reached them where they're already spending time meal planning. After only four weeks, total donations were over two million meals and counting. In addition to the Pinterest board, we created a LandOLakes.com and mobile experience along with pinnable web banners.


GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles is a bold brand leading the industry in BMX and Mountain bikes. We wanted to make their new website beyond bikes and into the lifestyle of riders. My first project at Colle + McVoy was to contribute to the GT site by designing the Riders and The Life sections and the mountain bike icon.

Communication Arts declared the GT website their Webpick of the Day.


Purina Animal Nutrition

From gerbils to narwhals, Purina Animal Nutrition has the expertise and facilities to feed your furry, scaly or feathered friends. The Purina brand represents several breeds that all manage their own web presence, but they needed a hub that showcased the breadth of their product line and housed their articles written by their animal experts. It also had to be responsive so animals lovers could get the answers they needed when they're out in the field or stables.


Artcrank 2013

Inspired by long Minnesotan winters, my 2013 Artcrank poster was an ode to the winter bike. I reappropriated a favorite Kerouac quote to the connection a cyclist has with the season.

3 Color Screenprint on 100 lb. Starch White Speckletone French Paper, 10" x 26", Screenprinted by Steady Print Co.


Toys in the Attic

Jared A. May and I partnered together to create a poster for Toys in the Attic, a poster show to raise money for Toys for Tots. We found inspiration in the See 'n Say and decided to dedicate a version for the lesser vocal animals in the world.

2 Color Screenprint on 80 lb. Blue Butcher French Paper, 12" x 12", Screenprinted by Steady Print Co.